Wednesday, January 11, 2017

14! White Supremacists "Giddy" Over THIS Ann Coulter Tweet!

Like Conservative Christians wetting their
pants in gleeful euphoria after news 
that Chris Kyle has again "sniped-to-death"
a dozen or more Muslim children,
so too are Donald Trump's White 
Supremacist supporters and promoters
having twitter-finger orgasms that the
 promise of "the new order" is nigh.
There's apparently some significance to
to the number "14" in hate world.
Here is some of what our 
took it to mean...
And of course, this will be a day
of rejoicing because "god" has
given America back to HIS
chosen people...
~January 20, 2017~
And speaking of Ann, is she
or is it just us?

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