Monday, January 30, 2017

American Democracy Functions UNDER the Rule of Law... (See the UPDATE Below Article)

...without the Rule of Law 
Democracy is NOTHING.
Yesterday, Courts across the land
issued stays on Trumps discriminatory
executive orders against a religion.
Donald Trump has defied these
orders of the Court.
UPDATE: To his credit, this afternoon
 Trump did kneel to the court's orders
 as required under the law of the land. 
His hastily gadfly written executive
order is clearly unconstitutional
on it's face. Such is easily recognizable
even by first year law students.
And in breaking news Trump has 
just fired the acting Attorney General
after she told him her office would
NOT DEFEND his unconstitutional
emigration order because it is
legally indefensible
It should noted that Attorney General's
swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution,
and nothing else which she was doing 
in her statement. It is also within
the President's authority to
fire the Attorney General.

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