Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cowboys Fan Gets Knocked Out of His Shorts (literally) By Giants Fan ~ (Video)

Donald Trump 
is not know as a football fan. But
he can still be amazed at some
of what happens at before, during
and after the games.
Case in Point...
There are Cowboys fans...
And there are Giants fans...
...and there has been an intense 
rivalry between these teams 
and their fans as well for
a lot of years...
...recently at a tailgate these two 
forces met, and the scene for
the Cowboys people was
not a pretty one.
Here...take a look...
So, okay the Cowboys guy got
decked (BIG) and in the process
literally got KNOCKED 
The fact that Texas voted solidly 
for Trump, and that New York voted
solidly for Hillary has not
gone unnoticed....
but there will be other games
on other Sundays ...

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