Wednesday, January 18, 2017

De-CHRISTIANIZED "Christians" Celebrate Their Bounty + Meet the "DE-CHRISTIANIZERS" ~

Now that a contingency of
"Christians in Name Only" (CINOS)

have control of the U.S. Government,
lets take a brief look at what's
being celebrated.
First this...a dupe, but easily 
He has significant 
mood-swings, however, like this...
...with these propensities, of course.
And this too...

...and, YES, this too...
These are the so-called 'CINO' 
...any thing these guys do that remotely
looks like Christ, or Christ's 
Sermon on the Mount 
is merely coincidental...
Here's another one...
He says rock-music awaken the
demons in the bodies of people
and says masturbation 
is a sin.
Although this is but the tip of
an iceberg, it is also what the majority
of Americans who think
and believe otherwise must live and 
deal with for the next 4-years.

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