Tuesday, January 24, 2017

EXCLUSIVE! See the First White House Staff Dinner! (Photos and Video Clips)


It's been a troubled and rough start for 
the infant Trump Presidency given
the embarrassing inauguration crowd 
size, the international humiliation 
of the 'Anti-Trump Women's March, 
the applause/laugh track revelation
 at the CIA speech and following scandal,
the ill-advised timing of a proclamation
memorializing these events as a
national holiday, and, of course, the
inadvertent new Administration slogan,
And these things happened in
 just the first four days....
amidst considerable staff back
stabbing and in-fighting.
in an effort for team building and
solidarity, a White House Staff Dinner
was provided last night. Billed as 
"Night of Personal Commitment and
Patriotic Devotion to Our 
Chosen and most Beloved
 Leader and Master", 
White House Press Secretary 
Sean Spicer led the evening off with
these very positive news 
worthy remarks....
"I am pleased to report that today
President Trump captured and
killed Bin Laden with his
massive gigantic hands."
And the evening was off to a good
and happy start.
Unfortunately, it wasn't long 
before Kellyanne left her table and
was found a short time later
dancing in the parking lot.
Kellyanne is not well liked and 
was left there. 
A return to the festivities
found Spicer on the table
toasting himself..... 
Eric Trump was NOT amused.
But Donald Jr. did return some 
decorum to the party by regaling
staff with his recent exotic animal
kills and a close call with a
bestiality incident. 
Jeff Sessions and other cabinet
members appeared more 
As the evening wore on other
Trump and staff family members
appeared to have a good time,
as did their spouses.
Kip Dynamite 

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