Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"God Made Donald Trump President" - Franklin Graham

YES! Evangelist Franklin Graham
made the above and other grandiose
remarks about Donald Trump's
on FOX CHANNEL'S Lou Dobbs
B-list Show a few weeks ago.
It was the 'hand of GOD directly 
intervening that made him president.
Graham postulated.
And, in fact, Franklin has also been 
supporting and praying for Trump's
"pussy-grabbing morally corrupt ass"
almost from the beginning. 
And because of his 
'KISS TRUMP ASS' positioning, 
Graham prayed to 
The Republican God in Trump's
behalf at the inauguration 
on January 20th.
We suspect he won't be praying 
for a reduction of Trump's 
temper-tantrum propensities
over TV skit parodies 
any time soon. 
Franklin Graham ... CHRISTIAN?

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