Monday, January 9, 2017

Meryl Streep to Play Trump in Bio-Pic! See the Video Preview~

Oscar buzz for 2018 is already
heating up with a Donald Trump
bio-pic in the works with non-other
than America's most honored 
actress in the title role.
Meryl Streep
has been cast to play the iconic
president-in-waiting in the tentatively
 titled film,
These promo 'stills' have been
recently released...
Billed as a Comedy-Drama-Morality
tale, "Weenie Twit" promises to be
a BLOCKBUSTER box office hit.
And here is a 2-minute 
video teaser.....
And look for a surprise cameo
with Trump playing
Meryl Streep!
Look for a November Release Date,
unless impeachment proceedings
are on the fast track. 
...and remember...'disrespect invites
disrespect...and violence incites
And these are the some of the 
things that define Donald Trump. 
He will become the
President of the United States
on January 20, 2017.

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