Monday, January 30, 2017

Mexico Offers Asylum to 300,000 Syrian Refugees? MORE...

...refugees to be sheltered along
the borders of Arizona, Texas
and Mexico.
Special consideration will be given to
those refugees with experience in
constructing 21-foot ladders.
Meanwhile in Canada, government 
officials confirm their commitment to
welcoming 100,000 plus 
Syrian refugees.
Does this mean America will be 
constructing a wall between Canada
and the U.S.?
Along a 2000-mile border at a 
taxpayer cost of 
more than $1-Trillion?
Although a White House Executive Order
violating the Constitutional Rights of
10's of thousands of emigrants now
living in the U.S..... of today all Americans can feel
safer in that  the Trump Administration 
has successfully barred Syrian
terrorists from entering
U.S. borders.
What would Jesus do?

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