Thursday, January 5, 2017

Remembering Dean Martin Because Not Many People Do~ (With some Music Video too)

(1917 - 1995)
In the last century Dean Martin was the
definition of SUPERSTAR!
He was a Movie Star, ''Saloon Singer''
(his terminology), and Comedian. 
Dean Martin was appreciated
because he was masterful
at all of these things.
But we liked Dean Martin mostly as
He came across as
here he is as himself...
Yes. Dino liked booze.
Dean liked his etch-a-sketch and
said things about iPads before
they were invented.
Did we say singer?
Try this 2-minute rendition
of "Blue Moon"...
And this following 
"Don't Fence Me In"...


  1. Mr. John, thanks ever so much for sharin' your awesome admiration for our Dino at your blog. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool...oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth. Know that terrific tribute has been shared this day at ilovedinomartin and has already meet with amazin' appreciation.

  2. Hello Dino...thank you for the nod. Very much appreciated. Yes Dean Martin is a personal favorite of mine. There's no one today that even comes close to him.