Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Summer Zervos Files Defamation Law Suit!

~Trump will be led by scandal after
scandal for the duration of his
bogus presidency, however 
short that may be.~
Today former Apprentice contestant
filed a defamation law suit against
Donald Trump through her counsel
At a news conference just hours
ago, Allred said monetary damages
sought are enumerated within
the law suit, adding that they would
be waived if Trump admitted to
sexually assaulting Ms. Zervos.
in 2007.
Ms. Zevros is previously on record
as saying Trump physically forced
himself on her...kissing her, grabbing
her genitalia, and thrusting his
penis against her body.
Trump was married to Melania
at the time.
The question is not "IF" TRUMP is
Stay tuned...
We also want to commend Ms. Zervos
on her BRAVERY in coming forward.
Virtually all, if NOT ALL the many
women that have come forward
have suffered unfathomable mental
distress, including death threats
to themselves and their families. 

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