Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer to Become First Midget(?) in History to Hold the Job!

(Sean Spicer)
So, okay, for reasons not quite clear,
most male Politicians and 
Hollywood people like adding a few
inches to their height.
For example, VP-elect Mike Pence
lists his height at 5'-11'', although 
those who've stood close to him say he's
more likely in the 5'-9" range.
So when we look at Trump Press 
Secretary Spicer in the photo
below, one must conclude there's some
midget gene somewhere in his DNA.
Yes. That's Spicer at the podium 
standing in close proximity to
Mike Pence.
Sean is the diminutive one 
in this photo...
So now there is some evidence behind
the rumor that Trump hires only those
who have hands smaller than his.
As a consolation, 
Spicer does 'stand-tall'

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