Monday, January 30, 2017

White Christian Pro-Trump Fanatic Kills 6 - Injures 8 at Quebec Mosque!

Today Alexandre Bissonet, 27, is
in custody charged with the 
killing of 6 and injuring 8 Muslim
worshipers during a prayer
meeting at a Quebec Mosque
last night.
Although this event is being treated
as an act of terrorism, and the suspect
is said to have admitted the crime
(because his "conscience hurt"),
little else is known.
The following information was
found on his facebook page
that has since been taken down.
There was also significant content
found from the
"Reasonable Faith" website that
appears to possibly be of 
radical evangelic content.
Also these photos were found
on the suspects facebook page.
And so today we have yet 
another (confessed)
Pro-Trump fanatic in custody. 
 Trump has, so far, remained
silent in this matter which is
not surprising.

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