Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Debbie Reynolds "TAMBOURINE ROUTINE" ~

Debbie Reynolds
(1932 - 2016)
was an entertainer's entertainer. 
She was born with the "showmanship"
gene, some say. 
But the fact was, she really could, and
did do it all.... 
After her Hollywood successes she went
on to Broadway, and later found a
welcoming home in Las Vegas. 
was from one of her stage shows.
The energetic-talent combination will
knock your socks off.
From 1978, here it is...  
And as a fitting tribute to a
real superstar, we'll let
Debbie's friend do 
that for us...
Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher,
mother and daughter. They died
one day apart last December.

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