Monday, February 6, 2017

"I'm a Bowling Green Massacre SURVIVOR!"

according to the Trump Administration,
is currently doing wonderful work
in the African American communities
in the Martin Luther King tradition.
as Blotus told a recent NAACP 
group. Trump also congratulated
Douglass in absentia as a
Bowling Green Massacre**
*Given Frederick Douglas was born
in 1818, and next year there will
be a Bicentennial celebration
of his birth gives legitimate cause
to believe that Blotus is
clueless as to who he is.  
**And once again be reminded that
The Bowling Green Massacre 
never happened, and only
exists in the mind of
this woman...
Kellyanne Conway 
sticks by her original story, although 
she has given a few alternative 
modifications to it.

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