Friday, February 17, 2017

See The Trump "FINE TUNED MACHINE" Presidency in One Photo!

Yesterday, in a bizarre a 77-minute
White House News Conference that
some pundits say was "UNHINGED",
a "SPASTIC-BRAINED", rambling
 Donald Trump described
his train-wreck presidency as a
So, we found a photo that more 
appropriately describes how Trump's
White House is Functioning.
In related Trump news, at the same news
conference, the twitterer-in-chief told
the world he had no financial resources
in Russia and had no contact with
Russian officials during his campaign, 
or in the interim before being sworn
into office. However, we do recall,
and many others recall Trump 
calling on Russia to hack into Hillary
Clinton's email (as an assist to him
winning the election).
Accordingly, we find it difficult to believe
he had 'no direct contact' with Russia
during the time frame he said he didn't.
This leads many to believe there is
TREASON on Trump's Horizon.
If so, when charged with this crime, will
he use "INSANITY" as a defense?

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