Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump Doctor Reveals His Prescribed Drugs in Recent NYT Interview

Harold Bornstein, M.D.,
Donald Trump's longtime physician,
has revealed that his patient suffers
from three chronic ailments for
which medications are prescribed.
Bornstein says Trump takes an 
antibiotic for Rosacea, a common 
skin condition, a statin drug for
elevated blood cholesterol, and
Finasteride*, a prostate related 
drug for hair growth.
*So we took a cursory look at this
medication that 'may stimulate
hair growth' and also found
that it "decreases sexual ability/
decreases sexual desire" and
has a primary use for treating
enlarged prostate glands.
We're not medically trained,
so draw your own conclusions.
But it may be a safe bet to
suspect Trump has 'erectile 
dysfunction', and that this drug 
may also be being used to treat 
mental conditions?

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