Friday, February 3, 2017

YEMEN: Trump's BOTCHED Military Decision Killed and Wounded U.S. Troops, Countless Civilians, and cost Taxpayers $100+ Million! Vets Call on Congress to Take Trump Out!

Virtually ALL
Military Officials Decried Trump as
to America's Military and Fighting Troops.
Trump's efforts to pin HIS DISASTROUS
Yemen decision on President Obama
In fact, before Obama left office he
advised Trump to abandon the
"Yemen Operation" as it was 'too
dangerous' given what the 
intelligence was indicating 
at that that time.
It is now known that Trump made THIS 
ill-advised decision at a dinner with
his trusted 
White House Chief Strategist 
Steve Bannon
and son-in-law and 
trusted Adviser 
Jared Kushner
the night before the 
Yemen operation.
Right now the Pentagon is busy
attempting to neutralize the Trump mess
and salvage some of the debris 
left in the rubble. 
Both congressional houses are concerned.
Very concerned. So concerned that there
are investigations from several committees
being crankedup on Capitol Hill now.
And there is that "elephant" in the room
that has been ignored until now.
Is Trump mentally fit to carry out the
duties of the President? Is he
So there it is CONGRESS!
You have the power to take 
Trump down and out. You know
of Trump's irrationality, both 
publicly and privately.
Do your jobs
before more people are killed
and injured.

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