Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Do You Remember "SEN-SEN"?

Remember it?
If YOU remember SEN-SEN YOU are
older than us....that said, some of
we old decrepit societal blights
on humanity miss it.
Sort of....
SEN-SEN actually did what it said
it would do. It did provide some 
"throat-ease" in a peculiar kind of way,
and it was a "breath-perfume" of
sorts if you were standing
down wind from those who actually 
put it in their mouths.
SEN-SEN had a peculiar odor ... something
akin to burning tires, Sister Montague's
old-lady lavender-like cologne (often
smelled at church services circa 1946) and
licorice. It was pungent. But didn't taste
bad, although it dyed your tongue and
gums a brownish-black color.
SEN-SEN was advertised to come from
the ancient orient, but we suspect
P.T. Barnum had something to do with it
as he conjured up his cure-all snake
oil often sold at carnivals.
But all-in-all, we miss this product.

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