Saturday, March 11, 2017

First LOOK at "TrumpCARE" Replacement to Obamacare

"I've worked with Paul Ryan long and
hard to bring the greatest ever health care
plan to the American people.....and you're 
going to love it. I can tell you that.
It's called "TrumpCARE", because the
name alone says it's quality...
you will find peace in your future...
...and here it is...
...OOPS...Wrong photo...Sorry...
This is your FUTURE if you are a
part of the 98% of American people..
"We've even created a special section
for America's homeless and 
indigent veterans."
"...and we're gutting
Please support and urge your congressional 
law makers to REPEAL and REPLACE
Obamacare with TrumpCARE!
~America is a Christian Nation~

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