Friday, March 10, 2017

GOP Congressman Tells Constituents that President Obama Stayed in D.C. to Run a "Shadow Government" to Undermine Trump!

Are ALL Republicans in the U.S. Congress
Consumed by Alex Jones 
conspiracy theories from the planet Kolob?
This past week 
Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Penn)
regaled his constituents with the
that President Obama has remained in
Washington in order to 'run a 
shadow government on order to
undermine the Trump White House.'
 We have comment on this matter other
than to say the Obama's remain in
D.C. at least until their youngest 
daughter completes high school, and to
say these bonkers congress
people are "lawmakers"!
Should a psych evaluation be 
exercised prior to these 
people taking office?
Do we the people have the right to
NOT be governed by wack jobs?

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