Monday, March 13, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump's "Obama bugged my Phones" Charges with "The Microwave Oven "WAVES" Turn into Cameras Theory."

'It was the MicroWAVES...the MicroWAVES...
...the MICROWAVES turn into CAMERAS
and can see and hear what people are doing.'
Yes, folks. She actually said these things
at least twice and was captured on
TV saying them.
Yesterday Trump spokeswoman
Kellyanne Conway speculated that 
President Obama could have bugged
microwaves from "ovens"that turn 
into tiny cameras and then turned them 
on a then Candidate Donald Trump
last year at Trump Tower!
Make sense?
It makes sense if you're a 
'paranoid delusional"
And so life goes in the 
Trump Dough-boy White House.
Is America "GREAT AGAIN"?

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