Thursday, March 2, 2017

Meet a Dog Named PICASSO - He's Different...

Picasso was born...well...different...
...but he doesn't know he's different.
Picasso is a young weenie-dog kinda guy
and recently became very popular 
after escaping a death sentence.
Picasso is a pure-bred and his 
breeder was going to put him down
when it became clear that nature
was not going to change his
appearance. He wasn't worth 
anything on the free market. Kind
of a corporate kind of thing.
But hey. Business is business.
A Trump business model,
so to speak.
But when the breeder took him to the
death chamber, an attendant had
another idea. She decided to put
his picture in the adoption 
roster, and BOOM!
The rest is history. Hundreds of
people wanted PICASSO!
Picasso is now living the 'good life'
with his humans who love him.
There's a moral to this story that
doesn't need definition,
does it....

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