Friday, March 3, 2017

This is How The Joint Chiefs of Staff Reacted to Trump's Shameful Exploitation of the Grieving Widow of the Navy Seal who Died in the Botched Yemen Mission!

The Joint Chief's of Staff 
rarely speak publicly. 
This photo, however, 
fairly well tells the story of 
their reaction to Trump's 
exploitation of the widow of
Ryan Owens, 
the Navy Seal killed last month in 
the (Trump ordered) botched 
Yemen raid.
But today 
was loud and clear in a letter 
to it's membership in which 
Trump is exposed for the 
he exhibits as the
The letter was also candid about
for "Trump's POLITICAL GAIN!"
As the audience was paying tribute
to her and her husband with a
2-minute ovation, 
Trump quipped, 
"I'M GETTING the longest applause 
in history......."
The Yemen Raid not only killed Chief Petty
Officer Ryan Owens, but also countless
 numbers of innocent victims, 
including a 9-year old American girl. 
Additionally, 7 Seals
were injured and a $70 million
aircraft was destroyed.
The letter also opened the question of
what part Steve Bannon played in
Trump's "decision" to move forward with
this ill-advised mission. The letter
included a request for funding toward
Owens' father securing legal counsel 
to insure a full investigation 
of this matter.
For those so inclined please visit the
website. One can also read the full text
of the letter to which we refer. 

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