Monday, March 13, 2017

"A BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER" Simon and Garfunkel Music Video~ The Number 1 Song of 1970

Here are three slightly different 
versions of one of the world's
most popular songs
in history.
The Studio Version
The Concert in Central Park
Garfunkel sings solo...
This is our personal favorite,
because one can read the
very special lyrics as the 
song plays....
As a point of interest, the last 
and 5th verse was added just 
before it was recorded. 
The story goes that Garfunkel wasn't
satisfied with the final product. He
wanted to write a last verse that
would give 'the bridge' the
power he envisioned. He was told
"NO" on the basis it would make
the song too long; that songs over
3-minutes were not marketable.
Since he wrote and owned the song,
he said 'no 5th song.'
His will prevailed and it's the last
verse that makes a great song
a classic. Just listen. I think you will
agree with Garfunkel.
Here it is...
With written Lyrics Version
An original Paul Desmond Album

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