Sunday, March 19, 2017

Washed-Up Delusional TV Actor Gets a History Lesson!

First, Tim Allen has not been
"BEAT-UP" by anybody or anything.
Just as Tim's "mesiah" bonkers 
counterpart(s) in the White House
 believes President Obama "bugged" the 
phones at Trump Tower, and the U.K.
Secret Service helped Obama do it, so
too is Tim Allen delusional when he
thinks Hollywood is like 
1930's Germany.
In reality, what Tim is experiencing 
is the reaction of those that know their 
country's history and do not want 
a return to the mentality that brought 
America the MARY TURNER story
and thousands of other
stories like hers.
As a point of interest this hanging,
and many others occurred 
in America's Bible Belt over a 
period of years. At that time, Calvinist
Christianity taught that black people
didn't have souls in that they were
part of the animal kingdom.
Also, as a thought, maybe Tim Allen
would feel more comfortable in
the Bible Belt as his mentality  
seems to be more
compatible to the people there.

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