Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 29, 2017: Trump's Hate Speech in Harrisburg, PA Channels Hitler ~

Wearing a new shade of face rouge, and
bringing his paid cheering squad to be
photo'd behind him, last night in
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
the BOGUS-POTUS staged a 
campaign rally to counterbalance the
ratings winner of the evening,
The White House Correspondents Dinner
featuring Hadad Minhaj.
Although Trump spoke to numbers of
empty seats, there were some protesters
(carrying signs only) that were thrown to
the ground and dragged out in yet
another display of the regime's
war on free speech.
Meanwhile on CNN, adviser to 
Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and 
Clinton, David Gergan, reviewed
Trump's (HATE) speech as the
"most divisive speech an American 
sitting President has ever made". *******************************
Stay tuned....The Bogus-Potus has
invited the Philippines-Butcher Leader 
Rodrigo Dutarte
for a visit to The White House.

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