Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Chuck Norris Endorses OBAMACARE REPEAL ~ Thereby Insuring It's Successful Future!

Given that "Chuck Norris Endorsements" have
failed 100% of the time, his endorsement
to repeal Obamacare gives it a 100%
chance of remaining intact.
Norris says he prefers the "Affordable Care Act"
passed by congress in 2010, over
OBAMACARE because the latter is
a socialist inspired program.
Understanding that Norris is just another
Texas evangelical wack-job in politician
Louie Gohmert tradition, we will not
comment on the above position. 
This is a reprint of an article written in
December 2013, for the purpose of
reiterating that although ignorance can
be fixed, "STUPID" is forever.

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