Wednesday, April 19, 2017

FOX NEWS FIRES Bill O'Reilly ~

So...okay...we know a number of women
were paid over $13 million in hush 
money because of O'Reilly's 
sexual harassment over the years.
We know from court records
that Billy-Bonkers is a wife beater.
And we know scores of advertisers left
him and FOX NEWS over this
history and the latest 
So, now we can all say good-bye and
good-riddance to an asshole we
hope to never see or hear 
from again.
And now the speculation begins about
how and why Billy lost his job.
The big money as to why rests with his
pal and fellow-predator,
Donald Trump. 
It seems the backlash from Trump's
election victory is taking effect and 
that Billy just got some of it...
Now...Lets FIRE TRUMP!

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