Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FOX NEWS Jesse Watters makes Ivanka Trump Blow Job Joke ~ (Update)

Ivanka has had a rough few days...
Last night while moderating a 
panel concerning the 
booing and hissing Ivanka got at 
the G-20 Conference in Germany,
Fox host Jesse Watters said,
he 'liked the way Ivanka held the
microphone while simulating a
a rude gesture that looked
as though it might be a blow job.
Hey! No biggie.
Boys will be BOYS!
Contributed by
 The White House
Approval Office
(Update April 27, 2017: This morning
FOX NEWS announced that Bill O'Reilly
protege Jesse Watters is taking an
immediate extended vacation 
with no date for his return.)

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