Saturday, April 29, 2017

High Marks for The White House Correspondents Dinner - Not so much for Trump's Feeble Rally~

Tonight in Washington, 
The White House Correspondents
Association conducted it's annual
dinner with Daily News contributor
Hasan Minhaj as host.
As Minhaj was nailing the
theme by nailing Trump and his
administration balls to the wall,
Trump was in Harrisburg, 
Pennsylvania in a continuance 
of his on-going 
"Alzheimer Awareness by Example" 
theme by trashing the 
First Amendment ...
In addition to repeating his
greatest hits, such as 'we will build
a wall' and 'the fake news free press
is the enemy of the people', Trump also
threw a hissy-fit when a protester held
up a sign, after which he yelled 
hysterically,"get him out".
Police obliged, threw the protester to 
the floor, and later escorted him out.

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