Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Internet Guy Creates Insane Masturbation Chart! (NSFW)

Without recent
history the following
went I-net viral...
For Christian balance,
may we consider...
Although U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has been
relatively quiet and not news worthy
in recent months he remains active
in the Evangelical War on Masturbation
and is working quietly to pass
legislation that would criminalize
this satanic practice according
to Bible admonition. 
Ted and his Evangelical congressional
colleagues are in continual effort to
spread the word of God relating
to the SIN of masturbation.
For example, 
is recommended for training 
children to keep their hands off
Satan's Dangerous Sin Zones.
~To be continued...
Contributed by the House Congressional
Prayer Caucus, and the 
U.S. Senate Prayer Caucus

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