Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nessun Dorma - This is why ENRICO CARUSO is Called the Greatest Tenor Ever~

Those who ever heard CARUSO
in person are said that after 
seeing and hearing him in
concert walked out of the theaters
psychologically and emotionally.
This recording of Nessun Dorma
in 1904 may be a reason for 
the above remarks.
This version has been digitally 
remastered. But bare in mind that 
this was recorded in 1904, and
modern technology is not
perfect. However, still, if this does
not capture your undivided attention 
you are brain dead.
And in 1994, Pavarotti did a
pretty good job of
in Paris, too...
Puccini's "Turandot" Nessun Dorma
aria portrays the emotional 
heartbreak of a man who can not,
and will never actualize the 
love he has for this woman.
Pavarotti's version here features a
denouement wherein this man takes
his pain to a spiritual level.
This is a knockout performance.
And now in the 21st century, we 
find another "Caruso"
"Just the Way You Are"
...and we think you'll 
like this too...

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  1. Hah! 1904. Yeah. Right. Amazing that Caruso could record "Nessun Dorma" 17 years before Puccini started writing the opera, 1921, the year that Caruso died. He was that far ahead of his time, that great a singer. Not a bad fake at all, though.