Saturday, April 29, 2017

Scott Baio's wife (Renee) Defends his (Tiny) PENIS!

This past week Erin Moran 
of television "HAPPY DAYS" fame,
died at age 56 of Stage 4 cancer.
However, washed-up twink 70's TV "star" 
Scott Baio (aka "Chachi") took it upon
 himself to tersely and insensitively call
out Moran's drug and alcohol issues 
as causing her death (NOT TRUE)
on twitter among the kind and 
fond memories others 
chose to share.
This was followed by Erin's brother, hit
back at Twinker-Bell with some facts,
and also what Erin had told him after a
date she had with Baio. The essence was
that Chachi has a tiny dick, as in
Wife Renee to the RESCUE!
Renee took to twitter to defend her
husband's penis (sort of), saying something
about the oddness of a sister talking
to her brother about the size of a 
dates 'dick'. She went on to say that
Chachi was a real "playboy"
in past years....
...and for the record, Renee, men with
normal penises don't ever need anyone
defending their manhood.

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