Friday, April 28, 2017

TRUMP: "There's a chance we could end up having a MAJOR, MAJOR Conflict with North Korea. Absolutely!"

In perhaps the most stupid, STUPID, 
of remarks ever made by a U.S.
president, Trump said the above to
Reuters News yesterday...
Meanwhile, in North Korea...
Kim Jong Un has prepared for
a preemptive strike from 
what he labels the 
"Hostile-Imperialist Americans"!
And he is "prepared"! 
With an army of 500,000, and 
countless hidden nuclear 
weapons, Kim can exact death on
millions even if he does go 
down in the process.
Back in America, instead of working
with this senile, sick old-man
 for his "VANITY-WAR",
the people, and the Congress are 
encouraged to take Donald Trump
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