Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why Don Cheadle Hopes Donald Trump will Die in a Grease Fire...

Film maker and political activist 
has been an acid outspoken critic
of Donald Trump since the beginning
of Trump's political career.
But this past week Cheadle took
his candor to a new level.
When asked about his 'hope that
Trump ''dies in a grease fire'', 
Cheadle said that this was a phrase
taken from a Trump statement
for political gain. Trump likened 
an alleged "black criminal'' was scum
and hoped the black man would
'die in a grease fire'
to a specific alt-right audience.
Cheadle went on to say that he escalated
his force against Trump, when a chance
meeting occurred at a golf tournament
between Trump a Cheadle friend's
father. The father had never met Trump.
In the course of their brief introductory
conversation, Trump asked the man
if he's ever 'FUCKED N****R PUSSY'!
For some unknown reason, some
people took umbrage at this remark.
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