Monday, May 29, 2017

A Memorial Day Reminder: Donald Trump is a Cowardly Draft Dodger~

'The halls of Montezuma and the
shores of Tripoli' never saw 
Donald Trump, because
he wasn't there....
Trump was a cowardly draft
dodger in the worst sense...
He managed 5 dubious deferments.
This is the documentation
of those deferments, that Trump
tends to label as "false news"... 
(We suspect that Daddy Fred had 
something to do with these
deferments in that 'only the little
people fight wars and pay taxes'.)
And his contempt for America's 
Military has not wavered 
through the years. 
Trump has trashed Gold-Star families
and mocked the bravery of
prisoners of war!
And right now Trump is pushing for
HIS 2018 budget that severely 
reduces Veterans benefits
 and programs.
Let us remember these things today,
and everyday until this caricature 
of a president is gone 
from office!
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  1. ...and now (Feb. 26, 2018) Trump says he would have "run in and stopped" the Parkland School Shooter....