Monday, May 8, 2017

Bill Maher Jokes about Ivanka Trump giving DADDY a Hand Job...and...

recently joked about Ivanka giving
daddy Trump a hand-job that,
in fact, did not stretch the
 imaginations of informed people.
But now Maher is getting some 
blow-back from the "Trump-Slugs"
which is also not a stretch of
imaginations given their blindness
to these following omnipresent 
Take a look.....
'Grinding on Daddy's Lap?'
And this kiss had lots of people
wondering just a few 
months ago...
Does THIS look like a 'normal'
father-daughter relationship?
...and THESE?
Incest Poster People?
Whatever the case....
Was Ivanka a victim? Maybe.
Maybe not.
But when asking others to describe
their feelings about sexual activity with 
a parent or other family member,
some "victims" say,

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