Saturday, May 20, 2017

Good News for America! Trump has Left the Country~

The ''American'' Drama Queen 
president will be traveling away from
the country for 9 days. 9 DAYS!
For nine days he won't be screwing
up here. He won't be creating
problems for solutions.
Trump's first stop is Saudi Arabia
In fact he's there right now.
One of his calendared events is a
Men-Only Concert featuring 
country music artist 
TOBY Keith... 
It should be noted that
Men-Only entertainment "Smokers" are
common place in the middle east, and 
sometimes include women and 
young boys as "pleasure-objects"
for attendees. We're not sure if this
is the case here or not.
But we all know Trump has a 
proclivity of letting his hair 
down when visiting 
foreign countries.
Stay we'll catch up with
president again soon...

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