Monday, May 1, 2017

MAGGOTS are Misunderstood...(Gross-Out Warning)

The substance contained herein is
probably the most disgusting,
sickening images this blog 
has ever presented.
When we say 
we mean it!
However, in the spirit of educational
information and as a Public Service,
we provide this primer material.
'My name is Marvin Maggot...I'm a 
friendly guy, and today I'm going to be
your instructor. 
'Some people think that all maggots 
are dirty, filthy little creatures. And
some of us are. But this is not 
because of what we are, or who we
are. This is because of where we've
been and what we do. We are perhaps
the most misunderstood of all
God's creations.'
'These are baby maggots. 
Here's a close-up look.'
'Maggots are Fly-Larvae.' 
'In just a few days we're going to
be real flies. Like this.
'But first we need to eat
and grow strong.'
'A Maggot will eat most dead
and dying things. But we especially
like, and thrive on dead and 
dying animal tissue.' 
'Like this.'
'Although most think we spread
disease, we actually contain disease.
Especially in rural and desolate
places. So, when you go to these places
you're less likely to be infected.'

'Now just so you know, our parents like
to put our eggs in warmish-wet places.
And so they especially like cow-dung
to be our first homes. And wet garbage
is always treat.

'Although I can understand one might
be grossed out by this, sometimes 
maggots are used for medicinal
purposes. We're certainly not health 
care professionals by any imaginative
stretch. But we know that in some
places maggots are used to clean 
wounds and infections when
other procedures are not
'For example,
these ''worker maggots'' are cleaning
the infection and dead tissue
in a patient's mouth.'
'Sometimes, though, maggots are not
your friends and can invade those
with poor hygiene habits...
'This man's scalp was itching.' was a "maggot worm"...
'Well...we told you this was gross!
And this is the essence of this story.
Maggots are misunderstood creatures,
and have a rightful place on this
planet just like the rest us.

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