Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mike Huckabee didn't Teach his Daughter to NOT LIE?

Shame on YOU, MIKE!
Your daughter is a Lyin' Wench.
Didn't you teach her in the
ways of the lord?
Not to lie?
as she is known here by the White
 House press corps, is also a
member of the "Pinocchio Sisters" 
Act featuring Sean Spicer is
quite entertaining, actually.
Jesus is pissed at you both.
Really pissed. 
Have you prayed for forgiveness?
That's all that need be done,
isn't it?
And then she can LIE and LIE 
all over and over again, again, 
and again.
And while you're at it, Mike,
please tell her that nose picking 
on stage is a 'turn-off' to
those in the Blue States.

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