Friday, May 26, 2017

Montana Elects "Psycho" Violent-Prone Science-Denier "Christian-Crazy" Greg Gianforte to U.S. Congress!

Yesterday you elected your 
violent-prone, science-denying,
"Alt-Christian Jesus-Freak"
Greg Gianforte to the U.S.
We're sure you recognize your choice
for your only House Member Representative 
has promised his contributors his
vote to take away affordable
Health Care Insurance; to reduce veterans
benefits; to reduce Medicare treatment;
to cripple Social Security, Medicaid,
and disadvantaged children'
programs; and, to entirely discontinue
'meals-on-wheels' for seniors, the 
arts, and many education programs,
among others.
You do understand these things,
don't you?
We all also should recognize that some 
Science-Deniers and Christian-Crazies
believe, think and act within 
the confines of 
as Gianforte does...
Again, congratulations,

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