Tuesday, May 30, 2017

On December 31, 1977, Ivana Trump (Donald's First Wife) took a Dump - and LOOK What Came Out!

Donald Trump, Jr. was born on
December 31, 1977, and he's
 stunk up everything he's been a
part of ever since.
Although there is question as to which
adult Trump son is the most stupid,
most would assess the question
as portrayed above.
It really depends on the day, 
according to one contributor. 
Today, it looks like Jr. is getting
the nod.....Jr. is frothing at the mouth 
about this "BLOODY-BEHEADED" 
following image of daddy Trump.
So today, Jr. tweeted...
What ignorant Jr. either didn't know
or lied about was this:
THIS and other similar images
were omnipresent during President
Obama's presidency.
Where was your outrage then, Jr.?
And when so-called Christians were
preaching from their pulpits
to pray to God to kill Obama,
where was your outrage then?
Where were YOU, Jr.?

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