Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The FBI Director Comey's Firing is what we Get When a "Drama Queen" is President!

With the bizarre firing of FBI
Director James Comey, this
is issued....
Drama Queens are never predictable 
and always exhausting in a gadfly
kinda way.
After 8 years of "no-drama Obama", 
America, in only 100 or so days, 
we the people are suffering 
Drama Queens are not 'strategists'.
They are 'tacticians' functioning
in the "methods of the moment" 
from their own private worlds.
Like Blanche Du Bios in 
Tennessee Williams' Streetcar
Named Desire, drama queens are
not aware, and oblivious to  
sometimes destroying their families,
 those around them, and even 
So yesterday America's President
summarily fired FBI Director 
James Comey in what can only be
described as a "(Mad) Method of the
Moment" (speculated to be Comey's
overseeing a serious investigation 
into this Administration's 
Russia Connections) with little or 
no thought to the consequences 
the world is witnessing today.  
  Accordingly, this special 
is issued.
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