Saturday, May 6, 2017

This Photoshopped Trump Healthcare Legislation Victory(?) Image is Freaking People Out!

This week Donald Trump and 
Republican lawmakers celebrated 
their hollow Healthcare victory in the
White House Rose Garden...
Like tittering, giddy middle-school girls,
Trump and his Republican House
members showed their jubilation
at taking affordable healthcare away
from 24+ million Americans should
their legislation pass the 
upper House.
There were scores of these photos
taken on this day. Photos that could 
be harbingers of their own political 
slaughters at next years 
mid-term elections....
There's more...
Take a look at the following 
two photos...
Above we see an original.
But below note this same picture
has been photoshopped with
same face on all the participants.
This is now an Internet viral photo.
Meanwhile, should the current bill 
become law, seniors will take a huge 
financial hit in that some illnesses
and preexisting conditions will
no longer be covered under
And those of us with Part B who pay
an extra monthly premium will see
those premiums skyrocket because
of a preexisting condition clause!