Sunday, May 14, 2017

"We Took Dad to See the Giant Marilyn Monroe Statue in Palm Springs...and......"

(Marilyn Monroe - "The 7-Year Itch" - 1955)
Pops always loved Marilyn Monroe.
He grew up with her. Well...sort 
of...he went to all of her movies back
in the 1950's. 
(Fort Lee, Virginia - 1960)
She also helped him get 
through the army in the 1960's.
 The iconic image of Marilyn (above)
from the 7-Year Itch movie 
became a giant statue many years
later and graced New York City
 for a while. And then it 
started to travel. 
And when it made it's way to
Palm Springs, California, 
we took him to see it...
We can dress him up, but we can't
take him out...anymore...

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