Thursday, June 15, 2017

AG Jeff Sessions Senate Intelligence Testimony - A Review~

When Trump's little Pixie speaks,
we never know which "PIXIE"
 we're going to get...
...and such was the case earlier
 this week when "he" testified before
the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Here are some of the examples...
"But I really don't remember much
about it."
"I don't Feel I can answer how 
many times I met with the 
"I don't remember it anyway."
"Mr. Comey lied, but I don't
remember what he 
lied about."
"I've worked continuously for
the people of this great, Christian
country all my life ... more than
the 35 years with the help 
of the Lord."
"And I don't remember all I've done.
"But I know that "marijuanee" is
against the will of Jesus Christ, 
our Lord and Savior."
Q: Mr. Sessions...are you now, or
have you ever been a 
Keebler Elf?
A: Only when I was cooking up the
answers to these questions, but
I really don't remember and 
don't feel I can answer that.
~Contributed by 
"The Capitol Hill weekly
Elf News"

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