Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Caitlyn Jenner JOKES about Steve Scalise Congressional Assassination Attempt~

Referencing the tragic shooting of
a number of Congressmen earlier
in the week, and speaking at a
conservative Republican 
Committee Conference this
past weekend, one of America's
"freak-shows" said this...
For the record, but not confirmed,
Congressman Scalise
was shot in the ass and more than
likely his balls and penis
were shot-off in the process.
Accordingly, "Ms. Jenner" might be
reminded that instead of the complex,
costly surgery "she" had wherein
"her" penis was chopped off, that she
might want to find a 'liberal
that can't shoot straight'
the next time "she" has it done.
Please advise WHAT matters of
substance this wack job has
to contribute to any
conservative cause.

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