Thursday, June 15, 2017

Did Congressman Steve Scalise get his Penis Shot-Off Yesterday? (Graphic Video/Photo Warning)

has it that Congressman Steve Scalise'
penis was shot-off yesterday by
a would-be (now deceased) assassin.
Last evening the hospital whereto
Scalise was transported yesterday, and
later operated on provided media
with some specific details about
the congressman's 
considerable injuries.
This 30-second clip
tells a story...
And the following 8-minute
video tells the broader
In essence the hospital statement
that a single bullet struck Scalise
in the left hip, shattering and
breaking the pelvic bone
and severely damaged a number
of organs in the process.
For edification, these medical
X-Ray tutorials are provided.....
And lastly these graphic images
bring some clarity
to the original question.
Hospital sources say that Scalise has
undergone several surgeries with
more to follow...

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