Saturday, June 17, 2017

FBI Witch-Hunt News: Donald Trump IDENTIFIES Himself as the Primary "Suspect-WITCH"!

And so it has come to pass: 
The "Witch" in the Witch-Hunt 
Trump speaks of and tweets about
 on almost an hourly basis is
none other than HIMSELF!
This Witch is being hunted 
down for "Obstruction of Justice"
activities and possible collusion
with the Russian government that
could lead to charges of TREASON!
At the same time many high ranking
officials in Trump's Coven have
secured private lawyers for whatever
involvement they have in the
criminality under current 
Vice President Mike Pence, First
Adviser to the Witch, Jared Kushner
and others, along with Trump 
have all secured independent private
counsel. Even the Witch's personal
attorney has hired his own
lawyer in this serious 
Today Trump hired 
John Dowd as another of
his "criminal attorneys.
Welcome to the Coven,

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