Friday, June 2, 2017

Kentucky Governor Matt Blevin Introduces his "PRAY the CRIME AWAY" Program...and this is No Joke~

Kentucky's current Governor
Matt Blevin
has unveiled his sure-fire plan
to fight crime in "crime-ridden"
This plan calls for volunteer
of 3 to 5 people roaming the streets of
Louisville, Kentucky praying to
GOD to guide criminals away
from crime.
Bevin vows 'prayer will change things'!
Remembering that Kentucky is about
the only State where faith-healing
with snakes is still practiced,
we need to look on the positive
side and consider that those
participating in volunteer 
prayer-patrols will not be beating
up their spouses or sexually
abusing their children when
Contributed by
~'1 Scoop is Enough'~
Update: January 23, 2018: Today a 
15-year old white Christian boy 
opened gun fire at his rural Kentucky
school killing 2 and wounding 
17 others.  
Today Gov. Blevin sent his
because he won't do "jack-shit" 
about gun control.
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